Building Your Life's Financial Plan

Have You Thought About ... ?


Personal and Family Goals / Needs

  • During my lifetime, what do I want to accomplish for myself and my family?
  • Should we help our children or grandchildren pay for school?
  • How can we help our aging parents live with dignity?
  • If we have family members with special needs or unique circumstances, what should we be thinking about?

Assets / Resources

  • Am I saving enough to support my family now and for the future?
  • How can I manage my resources more efficiently and effectively?
  • What should I do to organize and simplify my investments?
  • How will I know if I'm on track to meet my financial goals?

Liabilities / Risk

  • How can I preserve what I've accumulated?
  • What should I do to protect my family if I should die or become disabled?
  • Am I responsibly managing my debt?
  • Is my portfolio positioned to withstand difficult markets?
  • Are there any tax issues I should consider?

Retirement / Financial Independence

  • Will I be able to maintain my lifestyle once my paycheck stops?
  • Do I have enough to retire without burdening my family?
  • Am I spending too much or not enough?
  • How will I manage if I get sick and need ongoing care?
  • Who can act on my behalf if I am no longer able to do so?

Legacy / Estate

  • Are my accounts and estate documents set up correctly so my assets will transfer easily to my beneficiaries?
  • Should I gift to the people or organizations I care about now ... or later?
  • Do we need to be concerned with estate taxes?
  • How do I want to be remembered?