Our Core Investment Principles

Avoid panic selling or trying to “time” the market

Avoid turning what may be temporary market declines into permanent losses. We know that timing the market has proven to be almost impossible. No one can guess when the market will reach the high and low points at which one would ideally want to sell or buy.

Diversify your portfolio

By doing so, you can spread your assets across investments that tend to perform well at different times. We can help you build a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, cash and other investments. In addition, it's important to spread investments across various sectors of the economy.


Invest regularly

By investing the same amount each month, you have created a disciplined method of investing. This allows you to spread your purchases over many parts of the market cycle and helps you mitigate risk.


Focus on long-term goals

We cannot control short-term volatility in the markets. But we can control our reactions. Try to remember why you began investing in the first place and keep your objectives firmly in mind.

Consolidate assets

Now is a great time to review your entire portfolio, consider re-balancing it so that you have the appropriate blend of investments, and think about your total financial picture.